Why we love what we do


Why I Started...

I've always had a vision where I was going to start something great with my homies. But I started right as COVID quarantine began but only as One. I called it Derrys Workshop for my love of Irish culture and my desire to hustle towards something great. Now as I slowly build my team of people to really push this brand out there more, we want to show the world our vision of diversity with our Gnomies Clothing Line. 

What we are...

We are a very small business (some can say gnomish small) currently operating from our garage. We do all of our print work in house with a small team of homies. We aim to grow as a Brand to represent so much within our community from how we operate as a community and to how we build memories together. Join the Gnomies and Support by snagging some of our Gear here or at our Pop-Up shops coming all around Las Vegas.

What the Gnomies Represent


  • Us Gnomies represent Diversity most of all, we all have homies from every culture around us. It isn't how it was before now culture spreads far and wide no matter your ethnic background. We all have brothers of every decent now that we grow sometimes closer than blood. 

  • We represent Family, we are the extended family who besides blood we consider our cousins, uncles, and aunties. 

  • We represent Togetherness and creating thoughtful memories with our closest Gnomies.